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G’day! Welcome to the 2014 Australia Day Book Giveaway Blog Hop. Can I hear an enthusiastic “Oi! Oi! Oi!” to indicate your excitement? All over Australia, book bloggers, authors and reviewers have joined forces to celebrate Aussie writers with a fair dinkum prize-winning bonanza. At my last count more than 50 blogs had signed up! What’s this mean for you? It means you have a pretty good chance of winning a book (or other bookish prize) – and the more blogs you hop to, the more chances you’ve got.

I guess you want to know what I have to give away, right? Fair enough. I have TWO books to give away, as it happens. Both are by Australian women writers and they are …

Book Cover:  Zoe's MusterBook Cover:  Southern Star

One lucky winner from Australia* will win a copy each of Zoe’s Muster by Barbara Hannay and Southern Star by J.C. Grey. Sorry to my international readers, but postage costs make it difficult for me to send books overseas.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

  1. Add a comment telling me which Australian writer you would recommend to an overseas friend as a must read.
  2. This is optional but gives you an extra chance so … please LIKE my Facebook page so you can stay up to date with reviews and bookish news. When you do, post a “G’day” message on the page and I’ll give you an extra chance to win – when I see that, I’ll give you an extra chance to win.

Once you’ve done this, make sure you head to Book’d Out so you can enter all the other competitions on the blog hop. Entries close on January 28 at midnight.

Good luck!

PS. Choosing one author out of so many fantastic Australian authors would be very hard … so double good luck!



  1. geckogirlreads // 25/01/2014 at 9:52 AM // Reply

    There are so many great Australian books – it would probably depend on what they like but I would probably recommend someone like Rachael Treasure, or Loretta Hill (if they are into mining) if they wanted more history someone like Ruth Park or Joy Dettman, for older readers Tony Parsons – sorry there is too many to chose from!


  2. Well… I’ve recommended Hindsight to you a couple of times now, and I’d recommend that to an aussie viewer… if they were prepared for a fair bit of Aussie-ism. Oi. Oi. Oi. And House For All Seasons too, for the aussie-ness.


  3. Courtney Bridge // 25/01/2014 at 10:47 AM // Reply

    Barbara Hannay of course, she is a great author and I like our Aussie writers shows we are intelligent women ♥


  4. It would depend on the overseas friend! I’m really in love with Tansy Rayner Roberts’ novella collection, ‘Love and Romanpunk’, because it manages to be clever, funny, tragic, feminist and then clever again, and also because I love the idea of someone deciding to build a replica ancient Rome out in country NSW.

    I also tend to recommend Kerry Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman books a lot, because I love her sense of Melbourne so much.


  5. Anne Vickery // 25/01/2014 at 12:28 PM // Reply

    My favourite Australia author is Judy Nunn mainly because she writes from her heart and having been to one of her author talks she actually immerses herself in the characters and the period of time she is writing about to bring everyone to life. I have only recently discovered her and I now love her books they are just so Australia through and through, Elianne was my first experience of her writing during a book tour


  6. Liz Byrski is one I like.


    • I’ve read a few books by her and I like how she tackles issues relevant to older women. She was a speaker at one of my Stories on Stage events and people loved her – she’s very down to earth.


  7. brendat59 // 25/01/2014 at 2:14 PM // Reply

    I would definitely recommend Helene Young or Bronwyn Parry. Both authors I love, and can’t wait for their next to come out 😉 But there are a huge amount of Aussie authors I would recommend as the talent in Australia is endless.
    I’ve liked your facebook page too 🙂


    • Thanks Brenda. I read books by both these authors this year and really enjoyed them. Like you, there are so many to recommend, though … it’s hard.


  8. Bryce Courtenay is my favourite Australian author, but the rest of the list is long. Great giveaway. Happy Australia Day!


  9. I am a lover of YA (although I read other things too and look forward to reading the above books If I were to win them) so I would recommend Melina Marchtta. She is one of our best authors in my opinion.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I liked your Facebook page and left my message under the giveaway post, hope that was the right place to leave it.

    Have a great long weekend 🙂


  10. Ambelin Kwaymullina of The Tribe series is a young adult author I discovered recently. She combines fantasy and dystopian with aspects of the indigenous Dreaming. It’s brilliant.


  11. Karla Oleinikoff // 25/01/2014 at 6:00 PM // Reply

    Rachael Treasure. I love her books about life in the bush. It feels like a totally different world


  12. Kate Forsyth for sure!


  13. There are so many wonderful writers. Jenny Schwartz, Rachael Johns and Helene Young are all fantastic.


  14. I would say TIm Winton and LIz Byrski both fantastic Aussie writers. Happy Aussie Day to you all. We really do live in the lucky country!


  15. I would recommend some older writers like Joan Lindsay or Colin Thiele just to get them started then maybe Kate Forsythe or Jenn McLeod for newer authors.
    Have a great weekend.


  16. Rachael Treasure, after meeting her, I know she’s a wonderful Aussie ambassador, she’s witty and clever, both in person and in her books.


  17. Patricia Franks // 26/01/2014 at 11:40 AM // Reply

    Helene Young. Jenn J McLeod. Loretta Hill. Lily Malone. Oh there are too many to mention. You should see my book case. It’s chockers with Aussie authors. I only keep books I really enjoy. I may have to buy a new one soon.


  18. Sharon Hill // 26/01/2014 at 12:44 PM // Reply

    I would recommend Helene Young, Rachael Johns, Lily Malone and Bryce Courtenay. Of course there are so many more as I love Aussie authors.
    I’ve also liked your page and thanks for a great giveaway.


  19. noelleclarkblog // 26/01/2014 at 5:35 PM // Reply

    Lovely post. Happy Australia Day, and thanks to Book’d Out for organising this great way for authors to celebrate with readers. Cheers, Noelle Clark (Journeys with Noelle).


  20. So many great Aussie reads. Some with Aussie settings, some not. For something different, my 2013 favourite read was a Historical fiction by Alison Stuart – Gather the Bones featured an Australian character visiting her husbands family in England after the Great War. Fantastic read.


  21. Karen Stalker // 27/01/2014 at 9:18 AM // Reply

    What a great post, and generous giveaway.
    I love Jenn J. McLeod, Deborah Burrows, Rachel Johns, Juanita Keys, Bryce Courtney, just to name a few.
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Australia Day.


  22. Huh. I thought I’d entered this one already, but it seems I haven’t, so I will now. Thanks for this post Monique.
    If I met someone now who had just came to Australia and wanted book recommendations on Australian authors/books I’ve give them a mix bag of books including but not limited to: Loretta Hill, Markus Zusak, Matthew Reilly, Jaye Ford, Jessica Shirvington, Helene Young, Bronwyn Parry. Karly Lane. Oh god my list could go on forever, but I think I might stop here 🙂


  23. The winner is … Diva Booknerd! Congrats!


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