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About me

I’m Monique – book reader and food enthusiast in no particular order. In fact, books and food go well together, don’t you think? For me, it all started with popcorn … eating a bowl of popcorn and reading at the same time. Still love it, years later. Nothing spells comfort more! Except chocolate.

On this blog, I’m combining these two loves with two more, which are pretty obvious – writing and photography.

Why review books?

I started reviewing books while working at a community newspaper as a journalist, and later, editor. Apart from writing a regular column, it was one of my favourite aspects of the role – why wouldn’t it be for someone who has always been drawn to books? It let me drop the objective journalism facade and have an opinion.

In late 2011, I changed career direction and took up freelancing… after a few months, I thought, why not see if I can still review books? If you don’t ask… so, I renewed old contacts and posed the question.

Now I am reviewing books for a number of publishers in Australia – it’s a win-win for all parties. They get free advertising, I get to read … the only one (thing?) complaining is my sagging bookshelf! And Blue Eyes. He always gives me The Look. If you are a book lover like me, you’ll know exactly what that means.

Review policy

If you are an author and you want a book reviewed, please read my review policy. If you are a publisher and you would like me to do reviews, please contact me via email. And if you’re a reader, enjoy. I hope you find something you like – and if you want to share your experience of a book, feel free to add comments under the posts.

Other stuff

In addition to book reviews, interviews, guest posts and bookish thoughts, you will also find content from my former blog Each Day a Gift. This started as a light-hearted newspaper columnabout my balancing act as a mother, wife, writer, worker … and more, and turned into a personal blog. These days, I am sharing my writing journey on my author page, Monique Mulligan.

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