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Photo: Neil Mulligan

Photo: Neil Mulligan

The freelance life

A  former newspaper editorjournalistchildren’s curriculum writer and magazine editor, I’ve had a varied career in writing. Not to mention being a Family Day Care mother, a playgroup facilitator, a reception temp, administrative assistant, government administrative officer, marketing and media coordinator … I must be a glutton for punishment! In 2011, I decided my busy life needed more balance, so I set up a part-time freelancing business from home.

Although I work part time at an arts centre, I also do freelance writing, editing and publicity. At the moment, my main freelancing work is with Aligator Media, where I am a senior public relations consultant. I have worked for Aligator Media since 2012. Our clients mainly work in the arts (theatre, music, circus, books and burlesque).

My preference is to work with arts clients and I am available for the following:

  • Copy-editing and proofreading;

I am currently directing all enquiries regarding the following to Aligator Media:

  • Press releases – preparation and distribution to a range of editorial contacts across traditional media, online media and social media;
  • Publicity/promotion campaigns including media release distribution and follow up, arranging interviews and photo shoots, social media;
  • Web content editing.

Contact me

Current clients

Ali logo web NEWAligator Media: Public Relations and Publicity Service focuses on delivering high quality:

  • Public Relations consultations
  • Publicity service
  • Publicist (arts specialty)


My book reviews are currently featured on The Blurb Magazine.
I have acted as a relief assistant to author Anna Jacobs, which involves answering her reader emails and maintaining her reader database.
Past clients
  • Circle in the Sand (theatre production company) – publicist for Reservoir Dogs
  • Fragmented Artists (theatre production company) – publicist for The List (Fringe World 2015)
  • In 2011 I compiled a book for Kwinana Industries Council to celebrate their 20th anniversary.
  • Global Good Foundation – public relations 2012
  • I have been a contributor to (now defunct) Golden Pen Magazine. Click here for my profile and links to published articles.
  • I have been a contributor to Flourish Magazine. Click here for my profile and links to published articles.
This photo taken while sitting on a plane delayed due to an incoming storm was shared worldwide on Twitter, Facebook and even TV!
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